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John Burley writes, "If any classmates ask about golfing on our reunion weekend, please tell them we are planning to golf at 7:00 am (See John's update below to 7:40) on Fri, Aug. 6th at Blackhawk Country Club, and we would love for them to join us. There is, of course, limited availability so get your reservations in early. Thanks to Susie Zweifel for getting us on at Blackhawk CC."

course photo

The green fee is $70 plus $17.50 cart rental
Reservations need to be made with John Burley at: or phone John at (773) 320-1908.

So far, those planning to golf include:

  • Doug Baker
  • John Burley
  • Andy Dambekaln
  • Connie Froker Bogue (Wis. High)
  • Richard Bogue (Connie's husband)
  • Kay Hoebel Lubecke
  • Don Lubecke
  • Niels Nielsen
  • Pete Pauley (Wis. High Grad.)
  • Laverne Quam (Edgewood Grad.)
  • Stu Quisling (Wis. High Grad.)
  • Roxanne Riemen McCarthy
  • Judy Siebecker Curreri Cantu (Wis. High Grad.)
  • Tom Stafford (Wis. High Grad.)
  • Rees Thomas
  • Michael Zola

Total as of July 25th, 2010 = 16

July 25th update from John:

1. On Friday, August 6th, our reunion tee times have been moved back an hour to 8:00 a.m. This will allow time for half a cup of coffee and some socializing. It should help those of us coming from western time zones too. 7:40 a.m. is a suggested check-in time.

2. Owing to Blackhawk CC's significance to us, I think the manager is reducing our green fees.

3. Blackhawk CC, Golf Galaxy, Warrior Custom Golf and Golfsmith are making nice contributions to our goodie bags.

4. I think you will like the format, attached. Unlike a scramble it will allow everyone to really golf Blackhawk CC, which is the real thrill. With Peoria handicapping, high handicappers have a reasonable change of winning. If you have a blow-up hole you are not out of the tournament, individually or as a foursome member. And, you will find yourself sincerely cheering for your partner playing the yellow ball.


Link to Blackhawk Golf

John Burley photo

John Burley photo

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