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still working, what are your children and grandchildren up to. Tell us about your spouse.
We'd all love to hear from and about you.

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Name Date Submitted
John Klingele July 04, 2014
Kay Pertzborn Dec. 30, 2010
Larry Buckland Aug. 05, 2009
James R. Hodgson June 12, 2009
Lynn Hogan Case June 07, 2009
John (Rees) Thomas Mar. 05, 2009
John Yount Feb. 20, 2009
Kay Pertzborn Jan. 21, 2009
Dianne Hurwitz Dassa Aug. 25, 2008
Sandy Lyons Gardner Oct. 05, 2003
Toni Dolphin Jackson Sep. 29, 2003
Ellen Vetter Meboe Aug. 11, 2003
Reeanne Finnigan Grans Aug. 07, 2003
Elaine Statz Penpek Aug. 06, 2003
Ray Schaeffer Aug. 06, 2003

John Klingele

John and Marilyn

Life's story after leaving the Madison West High School confines, and then stepping into the big world of indelible adventures.

Attendance and Graduation at MATC and earning a Degree in Electronics lead to a cherished career at Wisconsin Telephone (later changed to Wisconsin Bell, Ameritech, SBC and AT&T). I progressed through the many departments, with positions in the Management Teams of Central Office (switching) and Engineering. Met my life mate (Marilyn) and lived in the Cities of Middleton, Baraboo, Eagle, and now Viola, WI/Cape Coral, Florida. Yes, we are now Snow Birds.

We have found time to do some World traveling mixed in with raising two boys (Steve & Terry) and a side career in the Fire Service (Volunteer) in Baraboo and Eagle. I spent 12 of those years as Fire Chief during our stay in Eagle. We have been to Norway, England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Austria, many Cruises which took us to numerous destinations in the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands and the Southern Pacific and the Mediterranean along with some of the European Rivers. I even had a business trip to Kazakhstan to engineer a new telephone switching system for the whole country.

Now it's time to continue traveling (as long as we can) and enjoy spoiling the grand-children to the limits their parents will permit. It is also time to enjoy our many hobbies which include but are not limited to: Woodworking, RC Airplanes, Horses, Shooting sports, SCUBA diving, gardening, Amateur Radio and hobby farming mixed-in with some conservative politics, Marilyn's needlework and riding our Harley's or touring in the Corvette.


Kay Pertzborn

Happy New Year to my fellow classmates! I'm proud to introduce my new great niece at 2 1/2 months old supporting the Badger's in the 2010 Rose Bowl game! She's thinking, "Here's to you TCU".

Go Badgers!      

Kay Pertzborn Kay Pertzborn

Larry Buckland

After being a plank owner and Radioman on The U.S.S. Constellation (CVA-64) during the Cuban Missile Crisis; did a South American Cruise around the Cape Horn, over to Japan and they piped me ashore at San Diego in 1963. From there, began my college career in St.Petersburg, transferred to the University of South Florida, studying pre-med. Got a second major in Economics then got married to Emily Laura Price in 1968. Finished my education at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Was in systems sales and management in the mini-computer industry for fifteen years. Became vice president of a computer company before starting my own.

Was President and CEO of The Buckland Group, specializing in getting buy-in throughout a client for total quality management (and later programs). Became founding partner, Chairman and CEO of Mi3, Incorporated, an international software firm with offices in Bangladesh, Texas, Virginia and Atlanta. Was the keynote speaker for Bangladesh's first software Technology Exposition in 2002. Began a satellite business model, specializing in five different industries and now it is a general outsourcing company. On my watch, The Atlanta Business Chronicle awarded Mi3, Incorporated as 5th place winner in 'Best Places to Work in Atlanta' in 2007. I retired as Chairman in October of 2008.

Built our dream home on the Cartecay River in the North Georgia Mountains in June of 2004. It is a craftsman prairie style home with a lot of covered decks. We have all the animals - copperheads, bears, foxes, Pileated woodpeckers, coyotes, and Eagles. Have been upside down three times in the Cartecay river in a Kayak (with the skirt). Now, have found my round tuit: Fly fishing, classical guitar, oil painting, a great deal of reading.

Getting involved in local politics, and doing some community planning with the Sheriff's Department.

Retirement: It was (is) a very good year (Frank Sinatra). And it's just begun.

James R. Hodgson James R. Hodgson

James (Jim) R. Hodgson wrote:

After 39 years as Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Saint Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin I've entered into phased retirement and will teach only during the fall semester for the next two academic years.

My wife Carol and I have been married for 42 years. We have a daughter Kelly, a pediatrician (M.D. from UW-Madison) with the Gunderson Lutheran Clinic in Tomah, WI, who is also a UW med school adjunct faculty member in rural medicine. Our son Jay just received his Ph.D. in paleolimnology from The University of Alabama and accepted a position with the University of George system in Savannah. We have two wonderful grand daughters ages 5 and 3.

Carol and I have a passion for international travel and have visited some of the most exotic and remote places on the planet: Manu Biospheric Reserve in the upper Amazon basin of Peru, the Darien Gap in Panama, Kathmandu and Mt. Everest and the rainforest of Borneo. Additionally we have made four trips to Africa that included two game safaris and a stay in a bedouin camp in the Sahara Desert. In all we have reached 69 countries thus far in our quest to get to 100 countries before we die.

James R. Hodgson
Department of Biology and Environmental Science
St. Norbert College
De Pere, Wisconsin 54115

Click here to view article entitled, "Cumulative research helps build family of scholarship".

Lynn Hogan Case Family CA Lynn Hogan Case

Dan, I'm attaching a photo of my son's recent wedding in Jamaica over Memorial Day weekend. Quite a story with my husband and I being "quarantined" in our Sandals Resort room for 2 days (we wore masks on the plane because of colds to protect others but health ministry thought we might have swine flu!) Wedding was postponed a day until we finally got out after calling the American Embassy. Beautiful wedding though.

Photo: Husband/Gary, Me/Lynn Hogan Case; son/David - almost 42-first marriage, wife Susan (40); son Jason (34), wife Carri (33).

See a larger version of Lynn's photo by clicking on the Menu Item: Photo Gallery - More Recent Days

Niels Nielsen, Rees Thomas, John Burley on the golf Course in Palm springs, CA John (Reese) Thomas

Bill Shafer, a business associate of mine, who has a home on the Citrus Golf Course in La Quinta, CA, invited John, Niels, and me to a round of golf at the Citrus Golf Club on Tuesday, 02/24/09. A great course and a great day. We also played Rancho Mirage twice. Another great course.

It was good to spend 6 days with old friends from High School. John lives in Chicago and Niels lives in North Carolina. John's wife, Selma was substitute teaching in Chicago. My wife Liz was working in Newport Beach, and Niels wife Judy was at a conference in Laguna Beach. It was tough not being at home but someone has to do it.

Of the 6 days we played golf, we played with Canadians three times. Two men from Calgary on 02/21/09. A husband and wife from Victoria on 02/22/09. The husband drove from the blue tees, and his wife drove from the white tees along with John Burley and I. She was a professional tennis instructor, and consistently out drove John and I. We also played a round with a Canadian man on 02/25/09. Many Canadians spend the winter in Palm Springs.

In August of 2003 Liz and I spent two nights in Park City Utah, and went out to the 90 and 120 meter plastic ski jumps. What a great facility. High school boys and girls riding both jumps. In January of 1994 Liz and I went to Steamboat Springs and watched the Olympic Ski Jumping Team train for a week. I met the Olympic Jumper from Middleton. Another great trip, but it was very very cold.


A side note, Rees Thomas, Bill Dresen, and Dan Nelson were all Ski Jumpers for Blackhawk Ski Club back in 1960. - (Photo)

(See Rees's pictures in the Photo Gallery - More Recent Days)

John Yount & Son Dylan John Yount

I am making the transition from Neonatal Intensive Care Consultant in CA--flying back and forth the past several years-- to work actively at the other end of life; and have just opened a non-profit agency in Oregon called C.A.R.E. for Hospice ; and an all ages Hospice and Palliative Care practice in Oregon.

My experience and education is both through orientation at a local hospice agency this past year; and the personal experiences of the deaths of my parents, my mothers-in-law and my first wife. My current wife, Linda, is a busy RN who was brave enough to present us with a son, Dylan, seven years ago ( combined parental age at birth 107 ). He wants a sibling and we have wished him good luck with that -- but suggested that combined parental age of 121 would be somewhat more problematic.

Dylan and I have a running joke that goes;
Dylan, " OK, now your 66 and I am 6. When I am 66 how old will you be?" John - Answer: "126."
Dylan, " OK, when I am 126. How old will you be?" John - Answer: 186.
Dylan, " OK, when I am 186. How old will you be?" John - Answer: 246.
Dylan, " OK, when I am 246. How old will you be?" John - Answer: 306.
He finds this riotous -- and we end somewhere around 3,006 to 3,066.
This was very helpful for his early math orientation skills.

I hope to have a more organized and family oriented life -- the first crew are all very out there and independent. Lots of opinions on my life choices of course.

Please say Hello to all you meet who happen to remember me. Linda and I will probably bring Dylan to the 50th reunion if we all dotter to it -- so he can see all the things that were really part of my growing up. Madison and Wisconsin are both owed a great debt for the opportunities I enjoyed.

Salem, Oregon has much, but not all of the same diverse political and social links surrounding Madison. State capital and a local university, but small and private. Not all of the dynamic and multitudinous opportunities of the University of Wisconsin. There is even a little German heritage community nearby Salem with real Bratwurst, and an annual Oktoberfest.

Best Wishes to all as the In Memoriam list gets longer on the website.
It was a jolt to see the new names listed this year.

If any one plans to visit the Oregon coast give us a thought. You will get a deal--

Kay Pertzborn

Retired in Feb. of 2002 and loving it. Purchased the home I had rented for 34 yrs. in 2004 and by 2008 had it all rehabed (took close to 4 yrs.), a real physical and mental endurance test!, (house was built in 1864 so the rehab. was a real trick!).

My eldest son David (42) is an RC flight instructor, a licensed pilot who competes in aerobatics. His web site is if you want to check it out, very cool. My 2nd and last son Daniel (41) is a capenter and jack of all trades. Both are bachelors, one divorced. I have a 17 yr. old granddaughter Madeline who like all is growing up too fast.

Dianne Hurwitz Dassa

Dear Classmates:

I am filled with joy and gratitude to share that Vic is finally well healed from his Cancerous Tumor at base of tongue. It was a long hard road - but we are amongst the luckest! He can eat, taste and has at least salivary glads for eating. We took a wonderful trip to israel in April for 3 weeks ....where we stayed with family of Vic's near Tel Aviv. The heighlight of our trip was that we were able to see Avi Hanani - it was marvelous.... Sweet memories and new beginnings were made! Mother stayed home and dear friends lived in our home and took care of her. She will be 90 on Oct. 8th! Still plays the piano... enjoys her food...and can walk.... we are blessed once again.

Upon returning home from Israel - a week later we drove to Wisc. and closed down Mother's apartment in Chilton where she had been living close to her sister and family. Wisc. is STILL the most beautiful place for me... it is home.. and at that time the countryside was exquisite.. already crops coming up.... etc. We spent some time in Prairie du Sac where my Father's twin lives with my Aunt and cousin Susie Halloway - who is a music teacher there.

Our summer has been wonderful - albeit busy.... Vic is back to rennovations and even had completed building a house while he was sick. I continue to knit and design.... and attend an exercise class religiously out here in E. Hampton. Vic and I met through studying voice - and soon he is thinking of trying to get back into singing! He sings musical theatre and ballad and while we sing focus is leider and some opera.. altho its been several years now since we have been able to enjoy this. We have a little apartment in NYC which affords us another life to enjoy friends and theatre. We are recovering into a social life... and filled with happiness. I greet you all near and far and would love to hear from you! Wishing everyone a healthy, joyful and peaceful winter......

In light - Dianne Hurwitz Dassa

Sandy Lyons Gardner

Hi Classmates,

I'm living in Hayward California and working at Waste Management in Oakland... have been widowed for two years now, so it's just me and my five (yes FIVE) cats. Am looking forward to a visit from Barb (Jallings) Albrecht and Barb (Feiler) Powers after the first of the year - possibly Marianne (Hastings) Riek will pop in as well. It's been great to reconnect with my old girlfriends after MANY years apart.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2005!


Sandy (Lyons) Gardner

Toni Dolphin Jackson

The website looks great, really enjoy getting the '60 Minutes also!

Jerry and I live here in Surprise, Arizona with Grace our Cockatiel!
Our son is a musician and writer living in Austin, Texas, he's not married
so therefore no Grandchildren. Maybe someday. We've lived here since 1995
and fully enjoy it HOT summers and all. I decided to go back to work a couple
of days a week. I work for a Podiatrist, he's nice enough to give me my time
off to travel with our RV club, so I have the best of both worlds.
I'm looking forward to our 45th reunion.

Hello to everyone out there and hope to see you all in 2005.
Keep up the good work on the website, Ray.
Toni Dolphin Jackson

Ellen Vetter Meboe
Joe and I live in Bellevue, WA which is a suburb of Seattle. We have
lived here 22 years. We have been married 38 years. Our two sons and
their families live in the area and we are blessed to have 5 small
grandchildren and another due in January 2004. I am a busy grandma as
well as take care of my almost 95 year old mother who has lived with us
for three years now and is blind. Joe works for Boeing as a web
developer with no plans of retirement. I am a registered dietitian, but
havenít worked outside the home since I became a mother. This spring we
had the joy of taking our oldest grandchild, Emily, to Kauai with us for
a week. She was 7Ω and was thrilled to be able to go. She said,
"Cinderella was right, dreams really do come true!" We plan to take the
grandchildren with us on trips once they are about 8 years old, or more.
Now they are 8, 7, 5, 4, 1&1/2, and soon to be born, so we have many
busy trips ahead! I am making a photo album which will include about 8
pages of each trip, so that when they come to visit they can look
through the book and recall their trips with Grandma and Grandpa.
Life is good!

Reeanne Finnigan Grans
Hello classmates!! OUR newly over hauled web site is up and running ..THANKS
to the technical expertise/knowledge of the EVERLASTINGLY patient, Ray Schaeffer!!
WE have already started to think about the 45th class reunion in 2005 and want to make
it special, memorable and great fun for all!!
WE welcome any suggestions and new blood for any of the year we
will have to start to make some reservations for the reunion sites ..SO, anyone that has
any ideas PLEASE SUBMIT them ...THIS is our own class web site to keep classmates
"in the loop" and informed about our lives after West High School in 1960.
I wish you all well, as summer winds down...
Thank you for your help and suggestions, in advance...
Reeanne Finnigan Grans....
Elaine Statz Penpek
I'm really excited about our new web page and I think Ray has
done a great job putting it together. I hope to see lots of comments
from classmates on this page. Let's make our 45th reunion (in 2005)
the best yet in terms of attendance and fun.

Ray Schaeffer
After lots of partying, finally got a degree in Math.
Moved from Madison to Phoenix area spring of '78, there was still some snow
piles in the parking lots when we left. Two weeks later in Phoenix it hit 116,
Hello, welcome to Phoenix! Went to work for Motorola as a software engineer,
it was a great company at first, really enjoyed my job. Traveled to the Orient
about twice a year to teach people who couldn't speak English how to use
this specialized computer system. Motorola began to slide when Chris Galvan took over,
I asked for the VSP, they said no, so I stuck it out 'till 2000 when the numbers worked.
Been married to Joyce for more than twenty years now... How does she do it ?
No children, and for some strange reason, no grandchildren either.
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